Friday, January 28, 2011

UFO #6

I did finish #6 on my UFO list.  Well,  the top is all put together and the borders are on.  So it isn't completely done.   I am happy for now to call it done for now and hope to quilt and bind it this year.
This is the  #6 on my list, it is the Village BOM 2010, from the Stroll The Block group.
A different building for each month of the year.  Each designed by different members of the group. 


  1. I love house quilts and yours is no exception. Thanks for sharing. I will likely come back and visit it it many times.

    Congratulations for getting it done!

  2. I am proud of your blog. You are doing great. Did you choose the background? And of course, you know I like your quilt! LOL