Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bunnyhill Squirrel bom

I am off to a rocky start on this bom from bunnyhill. I am attempting to make the entire quilt out of wool fabrics. The only problem I have run into is the square in a square blocks. The problem is the seams where the corners are folded over. They are THICK. So I held the steam iron on them a long time. (I pressed the seams open.)

Why did I use white embroidery thread? I was thinking he was holding balloons. Oh my.
They are leaves so brown, greean or black would have been a better choice.

I was about to give up on it last night. But now that the block is done I am liking it.

I love the way she has given the entire layout of the quilt already. I am starting to make the rest of the blocks. Then I will only have to do the appliques when she gives the patterns for them.
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