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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Finish Along, Third Quarter

My list will remain the same except for one quilt that I did finish in the second quarter.
Hopefully the third quarter will be more successful.  I thought about making an entirely new list but I do want to get these done!  I did decide to add 3 more to my list.  Baby quilts that I want to make.  

1.  Life is a Journey.  I have made progress and have most of the quilting done.  I made a pretty cool backing for it and I will get a picture of that to post when the quilt is finished.

2.  1" strips quilt:  I have as many strips as I want now and it all lays flat except one side is wavey, so I will have to take those off and put new ones on.  Or something.

3. Building Blocks:   I am going to forget about adding the border that I wanted.  The store hasn't gotten the fabric I wanted for the border.  It will be fine without a border.  The pattern doesn't call for a border anyway.

4. Around The Block:  I need to decide on sashing fabric.

5. Fox Quilt:  C'mon.  How long is it going to take me to finish this small quilt.  I have everything ready for it!

6. and 7.  Medallion Quilts:  No progress made on these two:

8.  Fall Colors BOM:  No progress.  Still haven't chosen a backing either.

9. Planet Patchwork mystery:  no progress.

10. Quiltbug NYD2014:  No progress:

11.  Scrappy Trips:  No progress.  I feel like I have fallen so far behind on this one that I am really going to have to get my mind back in gear to keep going with it.
12.  13. and 14:  Baby quilts.  I want to make one or more of these baby quilts by September.  I have all the fabric for the tan one , 12.  I need another fabric or 2 for the superhero's one, 13.  The last one is a cheater type quilt.  I will put the checkered flannel on the back of the little animal picture squares. #14.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

2nd quarter projects for Littlest Thistle FAL

I will be rolling over all except 2 projects from the first quarter.  I only completed two but I was happy to get those done.  Also, I am adding several more UFO's to the list.  I am beginning to get frightened at my ufo's lurking around here.  Anyway, I thought if I made my list a little longer this time, it would put more pressure on me to get more of them done.
Lets get to it:

1.String quilt.  Needs quilted.

2. One inch strip quilt.  No progress.  

3. Around the Block qal 2014. 

4. Building Blocks qal 2014.  I have worked ahead on this one. I need to put binding on it but I was trying to decide if I wanted to put a border on it first.  The store is out of the fabric I want to use for border.  The same fabric I used for the sashing strips.  This is qayg.

5.  Quick as a Fox.  I have the backing ready.

6 and 7:   2 medallion quilts from 2013.  The top one needs one more border.  The bottom one is done now.  I have backing picked out for top one.  Sometimes I get stalled on picking out the backs.

8.  Fall Theme bom 2012.  I need to pick out backing.  Nothing seems quite right for it.  I have to be picky.  Right?  The back stays on there forever!

9.  Planet Patchwork.  I have the backing picked out now.  I just bought it!  

10.  Quiltbug NYD mystery.  Need to choose backing so I can go forward with it.

11.   Scrappy Trips.  No progress.
12.  Life's A Journey.  A real cool quilt along from Darlee's Quilts.  She has put a lot of work into this qal.  It is also a mystery.  She encourages people to make changes as desired and I have done a little of that.  
OK.  That is my list for the Littlest Thistles FAL second quarter.  She has put a tremendous amount of effort into presenting this to us.  I can't imagine the work involved with it.  I appreciate the encouragement to finish my poor neglected unfinished projects and to keep going on the newer ones I have started.  

Saturday, April 5, 2014

2 finishes for first quarter

I finished 2 of the UFO's on my list for the first quarter.  I did other sewing and quilting too and also started some new projects, of course.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Easy as ABC quilt finished

All quilted and bound.  The top picture shows what I used for the back.  I enjoyed this quilt along.  The blocks were easy to cut out and assemble.  It is a very nice pattern written by Alyce and shared on her blog, Blossom Heart Quilts.  I still have some threads to trim off but otherwise it is finished!  yay!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

FAL 2014

I want to join in with a lot of other quilters in this finish along.
Here are some projects I would like to get completed.

1.  A recent QAL that needs to be quilted.
2.  Medallion quilt bom of 2013 , needs quilted:

3.  Friendship medallion quilt,  needs last border made and sewn to quilt,  then quilt it.

4.  One inch scrappy strip quilt,  needs more strips added and then quilted.:
5. Fall Theme BOM from 2012 needs quilted:
6.  Scrappy Trips,  I have made 20 blocks so far ,  need to make more blocks and assemble them and quilt it.  Here are a few of the blocks:
7.  Quick as a Fox,   sew along 2013,  needs quilted:
8.  Planet Patchwork mystery quilt from a couple of years ago,  needs quilted.:
9. Quiltbug NYD mystery,  needs quilted:
10.  Lava Lamps, finish quilting.:
I have many many more projects that I could add to this list.  More quilt tops that need quilted and other projects in various stages of partially done.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Easy As ABC qal

There is a fun qal going on right now at Blossom Heart Quilts blog.  I just love this modern font and it is so nice and easy to cut and sew.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

This past week I have been working on the Quick as a Fox quilt along from a blog called The Sewing Loft.
I wanted to get started on it when it was first offered , but I got an idea stuck in my head that I wanted to use some fabric with foxes in it.  Recently I did find some fabric that I thought was suitable.  I have one block left to make and the final instructions for assembly will be available next week.  One of the block patterns is applique.  She tells how to make an applique using a page out of a color book.  She gave a pattern for a fox and I printed it out for size and then tweaked it to resemble the foxes that are in my fabric.   I am not trying to plagiarize the fabric company.  I just wanted to make one fox block for one little quilt for personal use.  So here are a couple of blocks that I made and I will put the link to my flickr album here too.