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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dorinda Mystery, rule 3 done

Rule 3. I broke it. "Use a color or fabric you would never normally use."
I plan on putting that idea into another section of the quilt. The 'technique'
was embroidery. I did that. A row of machine embroidered young scarecrows.
I wanted to fit in as many as I could. I put some shamrock fabric to represent
March. The white fabric I am placing in each block will have something added
to it later.
I guess I didn't follow rule 2 correctly because I made it 8x12 but made it to put beside rule 1. I can't turn it because I put
pictures on it and they would be sideways if I turned it. So rule 3 would fit above or below.... instead of on the side. I am
hoping this won't cause major problems with the next additions. I have decided that I will MAKE them FIT!! lol.
Posted by PicasaHere are the first three sections sewn together.