Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dorinda Mystery, rule 3 done

Rule 3. I broke it. "Use a color or fabric you would never normally use."
I plan on putting that idea into another section of the quilt. The 'technique'
was embroidery. I did that. A row of machine embroidered young scarecrows.
I wanted to fit in as many as I could. I put some shamrock fabric to represent
March. The white fabric I am placing in each block will have something added
to it later.
I guess I didn't follow rule 2 correctly because I made it 8x12 but made it to put beside rule 1. I can't turn it because I put
pictures on it and they would be sideways if I turned it. So rule 3 would fit above or below.... instead of on the side. I am
hoping this won't cause major problems with the next additions. I have decided that I will MAKE them FIT!! lol.
Posted by PicasaHere are the first three sections sewn together.

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  1. Your mystery quilt has so much character. Don't worry about the size adjustments because, after all, it is your quilt and you need to like it when you're done. The sizes won't matter at all when you put it on your bed (or wherever you put it) someday.