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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Minky quilt

Fabrics chosen by my granddaughter nearly three years ago.  Finally I have put the quilt together for my great granddaughter and will give it to her for her soon to be third birthday.  The back is minky too and I put it together QAYG sewing the strips to the batting and backing.  I started in the middle and worked toward each end when adding strips of minky.  The binding is minky also.

Of course we had no idea that there would be a new popular movie out that this soon to be three year old would prefer over owls.  (the F word- Frozen..... LOL)  But like all good 3 year olds,  she likes everything.  So this will be a cozy quilt and the fabrics are top quality.  (not from Joann's,  although I do buy fabrics from Joann's, I inspect the quality of them very closely before purchasing.)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bright Sky Quilt top

I have the top completed and I am going to piece backing for it.  My quilting will be swirls and straight lines?  I am not sure about that yet.
Mine is sort of a rainbow in an evening sky.  Rainbow Sky at Dusk.  lol.