Saturday, March 16, 2013

I was very enthused about the Something New Sampler quilt along.  I had a lot of fun with trying new things that I hadn't done before.  She had several different settings to choose from and that was another fun part of this quilt along.  I knew I wanted to choose one that used all of the blocks in it.  This setting was really easy and it is new and modern.  I took a fmq class on dsm recently and learned some good ideas for quilting.  This project turned out to be a Sew lot of fun fun fun.  It is all done now and the binding is on , too!

I just realized that I haven't taken a picture since I totally finished it.   But since I was adding a picture to this post,  I will put this one that shows it nearly done.  It still needed a little more quilting and the binding.
My walking foot snagged the sashiko stitches, so I am going to fix those snagged ones with a needle and thread.

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